Tuesday & Thursday @18:00

OUTDOOR SESSIONS (oosterpark):

Monday, Wednesday, Friday @18:00

Saturday @10:00


Even before WFH became the new norm, excessive sitting and not getting enough movement has become a collective health issue. We wake up, work, maybe squeeze in a fitness class, lounge around & then put our body on a shelf for a few hours to wake up and do the same thing over again. Most people on average are sitting about 8-9 (maybe even more!) hours of that day. When we sit for most of our day it doesn’t just affect our physical body, it affects the mental. We forget our body is designed to move! So with all of that being said, this ain’t your average fitness class. We will discover, focus & utilise the deeper layers of your core. The ones that help you stay upright and stable; leading us to smarter and safer movement patterns. This class is hard. But no matter what level you are, it’s for everyone. You will learn to have a better understanding of your body & how it works, so you can take care of yourself the rest of the 23hrs of your day.

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